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How to use a drill

How to Use a Drill and Drill Bits in 5 Easy Steps

Few types of tools have proven to be as versatile over the better part of this past century as drills. These are pretty self-explanatory – namely, drills that use electrical power to accomplish their drilling. They can be used for everything from drilling a few small holes in wood as you do some crafting with continue reading

Wood construction

The Use and Advantages of Wood Construction

Wood has been a building material for thousands of years and wood construction is still here to stay. Wood is as sustainable construction material with high strength with excellent thermophysical properties. These characteristics allow it to be used for the manufacture of load-bearing structures. Wood is an environmentally friendly material, since the energy of the continue reading

Wood Finish

Shellac vs. Polyurethane vs. Varnish – The Wood Finishing FAQs

When you are into woodworking, finding the right finishing product for your furniture-making might be confusing. With so many brands and products on the market, one does not have enough time to try out each and every type of finish. Products like shellac, polyurethane and varnish are quite common. Although they have some similarities, they continue reading

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