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best framing nailer

If you’re looking for a device that will simply and quickly nail large pieces of material together, then you’re probably going to need the best framing nailer for the money you can find. A type of air gun, a framing nailer removes your need for a hammer and save hours from your project time by firing the nail into the objects. They are designed for use on quick, high-powered projects as opposed to smaller more precision type projects.

There are quite a few framing nailers available, and in these framing nailer reviews we will be looking at the top 5 to help you decide which is the framing nailer for you.

Best Framing Nailer Comparison


Features: 2/5

Durability: 3/5

The Highlight:

High capacity magazine


Features: 4/5

Durability: 4/5

The Highlight:

Interchangeable nosepieces


Features: 5/5

Durability: 4/5

The Highlight:

Four separate tools


Features: 3/5

Durability: 3/5

The Highlight:

Lightweight and easy reload


Features: 3/5

Durability: 3/5

The Highlight:

Dual mode trigger

With so many different types of framing nailers available it can be difficult to work out which one is the best for your needs. Before you buy one, think about what you want to be using it for because this will massively affect which is the right choice for you.

If you need it for odd jobs or small construction projects then you can get one of the moderate priced nailers and they will do a perfect job for you. If, however, you are looking for one to use on larger-scale construction projects, you will need a much more powerful option.

Framing Nailer Reviews

  • 16-gauge finish nails
  • ​Quick jam release
  • ​Adjustable depth
  • ​Air filter/anti dust cap
  • High capacity magazine

The NuMax SFN64 has been well designed to let you reliably nail most materials. It is great for use with cabinetwork, furniture, exterior finish and trim, baseboards, and pretty much every task you would ever need a framing nailer for.

It comes with a variety of useful features. In terms of safety, the exhaust outlet is adjustable around 360 degrees to prevent you from getting air in your face from the air-powered mechanism, and there is a quick jam release to allow you easy access to remove any jams that occur without having to take the device apart. The No-Mar safety contact is a great feature that only allows it to fire when in contact with a surface.

It is made from tough aluminum to ensure it lasts a long time through the rigorous pressures that are exerted during operation, and my favorite feature is the “sequential fire” that means it will only fire one fastener at a time and allows you to place them far more accurately. The depth adjust allows you to customize the precise depth that your project requires, and the high capacity magazine that holds 100 straight finish nails allows you to continue working for longer without having to reload.

A secure grip is provided that feels great in your hand and reduces vibrations. The anti-dust cap stops dirt from getting into the internal mechanisms to further prolong the tools life span.

This nailer is a very popular product in the power framing nailer category, and customer reviews show why. They have found it to be reliable, long lasting, and powerful even if it is short on a few features that the more expensive models provide.

As frame nailers go, this is a great option for both amateurs and professionals alike- particularly considering the price that is it available for in comparison with others on the market.

  • Lightweight magnesium construction
  • ​Changeable nosepieces to work with wood or metal
  • ​Push button adjustable nail depth
  • ​1,050 in./lbs. of power
  • 7- year warranty

This framing nailer from Bostitch is a powerful device that is suited to use in almost all situations. The materials it has been made from mean that it only weighs just over 8 pounds; making it portable and easy to use all day throughout a project.

The thing I like most about this framing nailer is the ability to change the heads so it can be used for metal connecting as well. This significantly widens the scope of applications you can use it for. It is the recommended tool to use with HurriQuake nails, which are designed to provide increased structural integrity to buildings at risk of earthquakes and hurricanes, and puts these perfectly in place with the ability to adjust the nail depth at the push of a button.

The magazine holds up to 60 plastic coated or metal connector nails at a time to allow you to continue working without having to repeatedly reload, and it comes with a convenient hook to allow easy storage while you go on your coffee break.

As is standard for the stronger framing nailers, you are required to attach this one to an air tank to operate it, which may limit its use to you if you are simply looking for a device to use around the home. For professional users it’s certainly up there among the ones you should seriously consider. Bostitch offer a 7-year warranty with this product, so it is designed to last through the most complicated of jobs and even if there is a problem, you’ll be able to get it fixed within a reasonable amount of time.

This power and convenience comes at a price and may not be the right choice for everyone’s needs. Customer reviews show it to be incredibly reliable, accurate, and powerful. If you are a professional user, this is a great option for you to consider using. If you are more of a hobbyist then it will be great for you too, but may offer much more power than you really need when a lower cost option would suit you just as well.

  • 4-piece kit
  • ​Covers you for all framing needs
  • ​Adjustable nail depth
  • ​360 degree adjustable exhaust
  • Quick jam release

Rather than giving you one gun that tries to do all jobs, this kit from Freeman actually includes four different tools that are each specifically designed for their own tasks.

You get a 21-degree 3.5 inch framing nailer, a 15-gauge 2.5 inch 34-degree finish nailer, an 18-gauge 1.25 inch straight brad nailer, and an 18-gauge 1.25 inch narrow crown stapler.

Each of the tools have similar features. This includes an adjustable nail depth, and air filter and anti-dust cap to extend the tool life, a 360 degree adjustable exhaust to keep air out of your face and away from debris, a quick jam release nose, and firing mechanisms that stops you from damaging the devices by preventing dry fires.

By including all of these guns, Freeman have put together the perfect choice for professional contractors who need a variety of tools for the jobs that they may need to do. If this sounds like you, then this product is definitely worth a look. If you are looking for a framing nailer for amateur home use, however, this may be a bit too specific for you when a simple all purpose nailer would suffice.

The pack also includes oil, wrenches, a canvas carry bag, and a 7-year warranty to cover you just in case something goes wrong with the tools. This is unlikely to be needed, though, with customer reviews being very positive about the construction quality, durability, and effectiveness of each of the four tools you get.

  • Guard design to speed disassembly for maintenance
  • ​Lightweight construction
  • ​Depth adjustment
  • ​Well balanced
  • Rubber grip

This framing nailer is a well-constructed, powerful machine that will deal with any nailing projects you have around the home. It is designed to be very user friendly and easy to maintain so you can focus more on the job at hand as opposed to trying to figure out why your nailer isn’t working.

I like the two step nail loading process that allows you to very quickly reload the nails and continue with your work without much delay, and the ergonomic rubber grip that makes it comfortable to hold for long periods of time. Like other nailers, this one allows you to easily adjust the nailing depth, and it also has a selective actuation, which allows you to change the delivery between sequential and contact nailing by flipping a switch.

Hitachi have made this tool with a two pieced aluminum magazine that allows you to take it apart for repairs, which can be done in a cost effective way, and the overall lightness and balance of this nailer means you can reach the most awkward of spots without any difficulty.

This is an incredibly effective framing nailer that will be great for both professional and home users alike. Customer reviews on Amazon highly rate this product because of its ease of use and comfortable design. The only slight concern for some people is the spring in the nail clip which occasionally can cause a jam, but that is easy to solve with the way the magazine has been designed to give easy access to the internal workings.

  • Dual mode trigger
  • ​Depth adjustment feature
  • ​Anti-dry fire mechanism
  • ​Handles 21 degree nails
  • Adjustable air exhaust

This product from NuMax is one of the best framing nailers for the money that is available. Not only is it great for framing, but also for installing subfloors, roof decking, fencing, and plenty more. It comes packed with features to allow you to work in safety and comfort, while providing plenty of power to get the job done easily.

My favorite feature is the adjustable air exhaust, something that isn’t available with all framing nailers, and allows you to move it away from your face and debris. It is made from a durable magnesium material, which at the same time is incredibly light and doesn’t wear you down too much while using it.

There are two attachments on the tip that are handy; the no-mar tip that prevents your work surface from getting unintentional dents and knocks, and the no-slip teeth, which grips the tool to the wood and makes sure every fire is accurate.

Another really useful feature is the ability to change the trigger between quick firing and single-firing, so depending on the job you can prioritize speed or accuracy. The air filter and anti dust cap prevents dirt from getting within the mechanisms and extends the tools lifespan, and the anti-dry fire feature prevents you from firing when there are no nails left and further helps to prolong the lifespan of the machine.

This is a very popular tool on Amazon, with numerous happy reviews from customers who find it great for simple tasks, but not so suited for more intensive work. Because of this, the tool will be great for you if you need something that is multi purpose for projects around the home, but if you have more professional requirements it would be worth taking a look at some of the more powerful models.

Best Framing Nailer For The Money: Conclusion

No matter what job you are looking to do, there is a framing nailer that is suited for your needs. While some prioritize ease and convenience, others focus more on sheer power and accuracy. Of course there is a large discrepancy when it comes to price, too, but the more expensive products are really only worth it if you have a major construction project to work on. If not, then the cheaper versions will be just as good for you.

Our choice for the best framing nailer is the NuMax SFR2190. It is available for a great price, is effective for a wide range of projects, and is very easy and comfortable to use.

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