Laser Level Review: The 5 Best Laser Levels for DIY in 2020

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A laser level is a device that signals a straight line with laser light. It is mostly used in topography and/ or construction as well as for DIY purposes to project a laser light that indicates a straight line at a certain height. Under construction, the laser leveler serves to mark a straight line as the guide for decoration, arrangements, or some installations on the walls (source).

If you are looking for a laser level, then we will explain what you should consider before buying one.

Best Laser Level Comparison

In the table below, you can see at a glance the 5 best laser levels we choose carefully and their most outstanding features among others.

Overview: The 5 Best Laser Levels


Features: 4/5

Durability: 4/5

The Highlight:

Portable and lightweight


Features: 4/5

Durability: 4/5

The Highlight:

Pendulum locks for safety


Features: 4/5

Durability: 4/5

The Highlight:

Durable for work with mould

Black & Decker

Features: 3/5

Durability: 3/5

The Highlight:

Automatic levels options


Features: 4/5

Durability: 4/5

The Highlight:

3 angels approach

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Laser Level For Home Use

Before choosing a certain model of laser level there are some characteristics that you must take into account.

1. The price of a laser level

In the market, there are various models of laser levelers with different sizes and operating properties.

That is why there are basic cheap laser levels, which can only emit a single laser light horizontally; That they are in a range from $9 to $40.

However, if we talk about laser levelers that include some improvements such as the incorporation of a magnetic zone to adhere to any metal surface; laser beam range of more than 10 meters; we are talking about instruments that range between 100 and 380 dollars. These (semi-)professional laser levels are used when leveling ground, for instance.

2. Self-leveling

Perhaps, this is the main feature of this instrument. To provide a precise reference level, it needs to be as accurate as possible.

Some laser levelers come with a non-slip base that facilitates better self-leveling. As a result, you can place it on various surfaces.

3. Plumb laser

Many laser level models only include a horizontal laser beam to work on lateral planes. Other models also include the possibility of emitting a laser beam vertically. Therefore, you should choose what you need for your project.

4. Autonomy

Most of these tools provide an average time of 10 hours of operation. The point and combined meters are distinguished by having greater autonomy. The time of your working days will be the guide to establish this variable.

5. Power supply

There are two types of batteries available in 360 laser levelers, these are: disposable and rechargeable. Devices with disposable batteries are the most common. However, those that work with rechargeable batteries have higher prices.

6. Weight

To achieve good usability and stability, the weight should not be less than 100 grams or more than 500 grams. This value must be in accordance with the size and design of the device.

Laser Level Reviews

  • Firecore Self-Leveling projects lines vertically and horizontally
  • The package includes a laser beam
  • The device comes with 4 degrees of self-functioning range
  • There are magnetic brackets for more benefits
  • A pendulum lock avoids damage when transported
  • Easy to operate and user-friendly machine
  • Suitable for framing, fixing floor tiles, and more!

This Firecore device has a self-leveling system that works by means of a pendulum. The pendulum can be fixed to transport it from one place to another, and if necessary, keep the configuration saved.

It can measure spaces up to 42 feet with detector. it is fast projecting lines, which favors the work of the operator and offers results and effective. Another feature is that its control panel is easy to use thanks to its design. It has two buttons through which all functions are managed (it works in both exterior and interior work).

It has a magnetic support that allows it to be fixed on metal surfaces. In case you have to grip it to surfaces of material gold, it can be screwed with its 1/4 ″ threads.

The laser is 11.1 centimeters long and 7.2 inches wide, weighs approximately half a kilogram and works with two 1.5V AA batteries. It is black with yellow accent. It works at temperatures between 10 and 40ºC.

In addition to the laser level, the package includes the magnetic support, a template to better see the reception of the laser and an instruction manual.

I would say this is among Firecore's best rated product. In fact, its users highlight the value for money and the power of the light beam even in full sun.

  • A Unique cross line mode feature
  • It includes modern pendulum system
  • Hand-operated device
  • Lightweight and handy
  • Super easy to use
  • The Bosch GLL 30 is a domestic laser level that generates vertical, horizontal and crossed lines. It stands out for its small size: 2.8 x 2.2 x 2 inches and a weight of only 8 ounces.

    It does not generate lines in 360 degrees. It works with two AA batteries that are included. The range of this device is less than that of the previous two, only 10 meters with an accuracy of ± 0.5 mm / m. It has four seconds self-leveling.

    Although it can be used outdoors, it is much more recommended for indoor use. You can work with it on slopes, thanks to the pendulum lock. It also has a magnetic zone to fix the device to metal surfaces and an integrated 1/4 ” thread suitable for all conventional stationary.

    it has a MM 2 Flexible Mounting Device included. Lastly, it is very suitable for use in DIY but not for professional use.

    • It can project lines horizontally and vertically
    • It has pulse mode for full time use
    • Self-leveling feature
    • It has a base for magnetic pivoting
    • Water resistant
    • 3 Years of Warranty

    DEWALT DW088K laser level comes with self-leveling system, two buttons and battery indicator. It is capable of drawing individual vertical and horizontal lines and crossing them in a range of 15 meters to an accuracy of ± 0.3 mm / m. Moreover, in inclined surfaces up to 4º, the device is automatically leveled.

    This DeWalt laser level is coated with rubber, which makes it a laser level resistant to shocks common in workplaces. As in the previous case, it also has a magnetic zone to fix it to metal surfaces and a support for standard tripods with integrated 1/4 ” thread.

    Its weight is around half a kilogram and its measurements are 23.5 × 11.4 × 24.1 cm, it works with three AA batteries that are included. It is black and orange. The package includes the self-leveling laser, basic mounting accessories and a black case to store and transport the tool.

    It is highly recommended for both professionals and individuals in domestic use. It is simple, reliable and economical.

    • Projects lines for both vertical and horizontal purposes
    • It comes with automatic mechanized levels for casting lines
    • There is a black light installed for more appropriate viability of the angled lines
    • 2 Years of Warranty
    • Leveler includes a couple of AAA batteries

    Manual laser level with two bubbles that projects a laser line along a wall with a range of up to three meters and an accuracy of +/- 1 mm / m. The two bubbles with taillights allow levels both horizontally and vertically. The laser rotates 360º on the wall to draw angles in any direction.

    It is a perfect laser level of domestic to install shelves, place curtain rods, blinds, four, decorative objects and other operations at home. Of those commented so far is the product with less potential.

    It works with two AA batteries. It includes automatic leveling. In addition to the laser, it incorporates couplings for drywall and masonry and carrying bag. It also has a magnet to support it on metal surfaces. It is red and black.

    It is a useful product for casual home use, it is the Black and Decker brand, specialist in tools for the home. Its price is cheaper than the rest of previous levels.

    • ​Includes an 8-foot-long tape measure
    • Has a level bubble for three different positions
    • Improved laser level for better results
    • Compact and can work anywhere
    • Backup battery for ultimate comfort
    • It provides accurate and errorless straight-line measurement which makes it reliable for work

    Long-shaped self-leveling laser that can be hung from behind for roof applications It includes a visual indicator of unevenness like the previous devices and integrated slots for a quick connection with the support, which is also supplied.

    It has a range of 8 meters and an accuracy of ± 0.8 mm / m. It works with two AA batteries that are included. Does not include instruction manual but can be downloaded from the Stanley website.

    Features ¼ ” universal thread to fit any tripod. It has three off and on positions: off, on with pendulum function locked and on without lock function.

    The package also includes a support that has an adjustable jaw with soft-grip pads to attach objects. Like other similar products, it has a light indicator for manual use and for when it is uneven above 4º.

    The most notable negative aspects are that it is only valid for indoor use, since the light it projects is not clearly visible with a lot of natural lighting; and that its price is somewhat high compared to other laser levels on the market with the same benefits, although so far it is still the cheapest.

    Best Laser Levels: Conclusion

    It can be a bit confusing trying to find yourself a good laser level as there are a wide range of laser levels stuffed on the market. You need to relax and make up your mind according to your budget and needs. Buying the right laser level will help you give a shot to those pending little tasks around your house, without calling up a technician. In this way you can save your cash as well.

    Look for a laser level that satisfies your needs and once you find it don’t forget to skim through the laser level reviews. In reality, it is not possible that a single or ideal laser level might be fulfilling everyone’s purposes and needs. Reading through customer reviews is the best way to find out how the tool would work in real life. The reviews are very honest, and if it seems like the best laser levels you have your eye on won’t work for the purpose you’re buying it for, then you should trust the reviews and, unfortunately, keep on looking.

    Check out prices and customer reviews of laser levels on Amazon now.


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