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best reciprocating saw

Are you looking for the best tools for your job? If yes, then have a look at the best reciprocating saw, which would keep you away from the hassle of working with a variety of crowbars and hacksaws; just keeping it simple and convenient. It allows cutting various kinds of materials like steel, aluminum, copper, and cast iron apart from sticking to only wood surfaces.

The reciprocating saw comes with different names such as recip, sawzall, and saber saw, although the purpose of this incredible tool remains the same. It is a great tool used for remodeling, demolition work, construction work, plumbing, electrical jobs, and much more. Basically, it is a handy and compact mechanized tool with a short blade that pushes and pulls in a reciprocating motion to finely cut any material such as wood or metal. Have a look at these reciprocating saw reviews to see what I mean.

Best Reciprocating Saw Comparison


Features: 4/5

Durability: 4/5

The Highlight:

Includes blade clamp for cutting


Features: 4/5

Durability: 4/5

The Highlight:

Portable multipurpose tool for everyone

Black and Decker

Features: 4/5

Durability: 4/5

The Highlight:

Tool free blade change option


Features: 4/5

Durability: 4/5

The Highlight:

Quick blade changing option


Features: 4/5

Durability: 4/5

The Highlight:

Powerful 12 amp motor

Something To Think About Before Buying The Best Reciprocating Saws

Why waste hours and efforts over cutting material? When you can get yourself a reciprocating saw that would do it better and faster. They just don’t give you instant results, but at the same time they are safer than using manual circular saws. The ease and convenience it provides, accompanies its perfect size, which is no doubt very easy to carry. It can be used for each and every construction related task, starting from window installation to remodeling.

This incredible and mind blowing tool is designed for those who are tired of investing their valuable time and efforts in their construction work and are still not getting satisfying results. Also before looking for the best reciprocating saw, make yourself familiar with the basic features that should come with it, such as:

Choose a reciprocating saw with variable speed options, so you can control it according to your task.

Once you find all the above features in any reciprocating saw, don’t forget to scroll through the customer reviews. Customers who have already purchased the product will be your best help and guide to how the tool would work in real life.

Moreover, this little tool offers a bunch of benefits, which are as follows:

It can also make short and long strokes easily.

So what are you waiting for? Come on and grab the most valuable reciprocating saw for yourself and enjoy a wide range of benefits.

Reciprocating Saw Reviews

  • Durable imported 20 volt tool
  • ​Comes with greater positional versatility
  • ​1-1/8 inch stroke length
  • ​Comes with variable speeds of 0-3000 spm
  • ​Pivoting adjustable shoe which extends blade life
  • ​Also allows depth of cut control
  • ​Doesn’t include separate blades
  • Includes 3 years limited warranty
reciprocating saw reviews

Dewalt is one of the best brands for producing amazing and innovative tools. If you’re looking for the best cordless reciprocating saw, this might be a great choice for you since it serves as a good option for construction work, as well as for professionals and hobbyists. Unlike other saws in the same category, it allows reaching the tough areas - enhancing its performance and productivity.

It is mainly designed for those workers who want to make their work easier. With this motorized tool, you can perform a list of tasks like plumbing, remodeling, wall installations, demolition, and cutting various kind of materials- which if done manually will require hours and hours.

This handy tool comes with spectacular features. It includes 4 position blades for flush cutting as well as better positional versatility. It works with the speed of 0-3000 spm which can be set accordingly to your work requirement. It also includes 3 years warranty, in case of any problem. It doesn’t come with extra blades in its packaging so you better be careful when you use it.

  • Comes with powerful 7.5 Amp motor for better cutting
  • ​Variable speed option for different cutting tasks
  • ​Includes pivoting shoe
  • ​Twist lock tool free blade which allows you to quickly and easily change various blades
  • ​Soft grips rear handle and boot which lessens vibration for lengthened cutting work

The Porter Cable reciprocating saw, is one of the best sellers because of its mind blowing and exceptional features included in the compact and small size. This modern tool can be used for many purposes indoor and outdoor depending on the work. It is a onetime purchase and it provides you with a bundle of benefits in the long run.

By grabbing a mid range reciprocating saw you can enjoy a lot of benefits- it is not necessary to purchase a tool that costs a huge amount expecting it it work better than a low or mid ranged one. You can get amazing results to an affordable price.

This multipurpose tool comes with great features. It comes with a heavy duty motor for nice cutting. It allows you to access and control the speed according to you needs with its amazing feature of choosing between variable speeds. Also it has a twist lock tool free blade which gives you the choice of changing blades without any hassle. Another great feature includes the soft grip rear handle which slows down for prolonged cutting work.

  • Comes with tool free blade change option
  • ​Includes pivoting shoe
  • ​Initial battery voltage- maximum 20 volts and minimal 18 volts
  • ​Comes with trigger for variable speed
  • ​Having stroke length of around 7-8 inch
  • ​Comes with one reciprocating saw blade
reciprocating saw

The Black & Decker reciprocating saw is one of the most incredible tools used for construction related tasks. It is a well designed and awesome tool by the famous brand. It works great as a homeowner grade tool and can work greatly for weekend projects all around your house.

If you are in search of one of the best reciprocating saws with a very affordable and reasonable price, then this is probably the right one for you. It offers a wide range of features in a low price range. You can easily take it with you wherever you go as it is super handy and portable. So you don’t need to worry about not being able to transport it.

The packaging includes a reciprocating saw along with one reciprocating blade. It is also very easy to operate and helps you control the speed through a speed trigger.

  • Increased variable speed of 11 amp
  • ​1-1/8 inch long stroke
  • ​Quick blade and shoe changing option
  • ​Ball and needle bearings which prolong the tool life
  • ​Outward brushes provide better maintenance
  • ​Packaging includes a plastic case for safer storage
  • ​Weighs 7.1 pound
  • Includes 1 year warranty

The Makita reciprocating saw is an exceptional and powerful tool for metal fabricators, builders, remodelers, roofers, and as well as general contractors. Whether you are a framer, carpenter, plumber, electrician, it needs to be a part of your tool kit.

It is designed for performing tasks with excellence and it is ideal for works such as wood cutting, plaster, drywall, metal cutting, remodeling, and demolition projects. This machine comes in a good plastic casing, which makes it more appealing to the buyers as you must know appearance matters a lot.

Unlike other reciprocating saws, it comes with greater speed of 11 amp to provide faster work. It also entails a huge 2 finger trigger with a lock on button feature- providing more convenience and comfort to the user. It has a tool less blade which makes it flexible for changing and trying out different blades without any pain. It comprises of ball and needle bearings to prolong the tool life and a defensive rubber boot to seal the motor and bearings from dust and wreckage.

  • Greater and powerful 12 amp motor
  • ​Allows 0-2900 strokes per 60 seconds
  • ​1-1/8 inch stroke length
  • ​Includes trigger for controlling speed of the machine
  • ​Includes blade clamp with 4 positions for smooth cutting
  • ​Comes with keyless lever action blade clamp as well
  • ​Includes 3 years warranty

The Dewalt DWE305 brings some new and captivating features. It’s a powerful and efficient machine, and performs the work with great accuracy. If you are not on a tight budget, and don’t mind paying a higher price than other saws in these reciprocating saw reviews, then look no further and grab this amazing tool at once.

This modern tool by Dewalt, is comparatively expensive than other ones available on the market for similar purposes. It is no doubt a versatile and powerful tool, which is basically designed for heavy duty applications. If you are in search of a heavy duty and powerful saw, that will not leave you wanting for an upgrade, then this is the one you are looking for.

Moreover, it carries significance not only because of its brand name, but also the fabulous features it comes with. Especially the ease of changing different blades is a very nice feature. One of the unique features is the 12 amp power motor it comes with, which is hardly found in other reciprocating saws. This improved 12 amp feature, allows the machine to work smoothly for longer periods of time.

Best Cordless Reciprocating Saw: The Final Word

What about adding this amazing motorized tool to your tool kit to make work easier and fun? If you are a construction worker or laborer, it is definitely a must buy for you and you won’t regret adding this incredible tool to your kit. Reciprocating saws, unlike other construction tools, are an all-in-one and multipurpose invention, which helps you perform your work more efficiently.

You can find the most valuable cordless reciprocating saw by having a look at various customer reviews available online. Also, this tool is a onetime investment and it will provide you with long-term benefits, so don’t rush your purchase- make sure you choose the best reciprocating saw for yourself.


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