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best router table

If you are a keen woodworker and looking for a way to mount your router to allow more precision work, then the best router table is precisely what you need. They are designed to hold your hand held router to make it far easier to work with long, narrow or small stock, edge trimming, stopped cuts and for lots of other jobs. You can even use it as a jointer.

Best Router Table Comparison

Bench Dog

Features: 4/5

Durability: 4/5

The Highlight:



Features: 2/5

Durability: 3/5

The Highlight:

Pre-assembled and foldable


Features: 2/5

Durability: 2/5

The Highlight:

Includes a router


Features: 3/5

Durability: 4/5

The Highlight:

Supports taller work pieces


Features: 4/5

Durability: 4/5

The Highlight:

27x18 inch work surface

Router Table Reviews

  • 16x12 inch router table
  • ​Acrylic insert which fits most routers
  • ​Aluminum miter accessory track
  • ​Integrated dust port
  • 2 year warranty

Router tables are a great way to turn your router into a fixed place tool, and this table from Bench Dog is a popular, well-constructed option and fits all of the most popular routers. It has a compact design, so it seems smaller than other options, but makes best use of the space available so its effectiveness isn’t reduced.

To do this it mounts the router in a forward offset location, and has a dual-position ProFence to further maximize the use of space available. This fence is constructed from a one-piece aluminum frame, and is fully machined so it is flat and square. You also get adjustable sub fences and a bit guard as well.

The compact size makes it portable enough to easily move around so could be a great choice for you if you won’t be staying in one place. It’s simple to set up, and features plenty of accessory slots to ensure you can keep everything you need close by. The inbuilt dust port is compatible with standard vacuum hoses and allows you to keep your work area clear of dust and debris.

The router is kept firmly in place with twin steel rails, and the table sits atop a birch plywood cabinet which makes further use of the space by giving you more storage room for other accessories, and the whole thing is made out of solid panels to keep it sturdy no matter what job you are carrying out.

This table is fairly popular with Amazon reviewers who like the solid construction and portability aspect of it. The only complaints are about the overall table size, but if portability is more important to you than the overall size of work-surface then this table from Bench Dog is well worth your consideration.

  • Gauge for bit height to improve accuracy
  • ​Starter guard and pin to assist with routing curved edges
  • ​Quick clamp system
  • ​Storage container for accessories
  • Featherboards to guide work item

Providing an all-inclusive solution for your routing needs, the SKIL RAS900 is a nicely designed table that has prioritized convenience. It will arrive to you pre-assembled, so you simply need to unfold it and you are ready to go. Similarly this makes storage of the table really simple, as you simply need to fold it up again before you put it away.

It comes with an accessory storage bag, which keeps everything you need close by, and is constructed with a laminated MDF top to be strong enough to handle any task. The dual featherboards are great for guiding your work item through the router in a controlled manner; the starter pin and guard make it easy to work with curved pieces; and the bit height gauge will simplify the setup process for you and increase the precision of cuts.

Skil have made sure that most routers of 6” can be fitted to this table, and have made this process as hassle-free as possible with the quick release router mount. I also like the quick clamp system that allows you to get working whenever you’re ready without spending lots of time preparing everything.

As an entry-level table, this one will satisfy most demands you have of it. If you have a 6” router and are looking for a stable work surface for precision work, this could be a good choice for you; especially if you don’t want to spend too much and are new to router tables. If you have more advanced needs, you might find this model a bit underwhelming, though.

From the reviews that have been left by customers on Amazon, it is clear that the more experienced users have found some elements of the table, such as its limitation to only 6” routers, as frustrating, but those who have bought it for home use have, in the main, been very happy with their purchase.

  • Includes a 27,000 RPM router
  • ​334 square inch tabletop
  • ​Dust extraction feature
  • ​Built with a sturdy aluminum base
  • Includes a variety of accessories

If you are new to routers and router tables, this could be the ideal option for you. Unlike the majority of tables that are available, this one comes packaged with a router as well so it is perfect for you if you are setting yourself up for woodworking. This obviously isn’t such a draw if you already have a router because, in combination with the fact that it comes at a very low price, the quality of the table is not to the standard of the others on this list.

The router itself has a 1-3/4 HP motor that runs at 27,000 RPM. This is a decent amount of power that allows you to work with tougher woods with relative ease. As well as the router, this table comes with a variety of other accessories including a collet, wrench, fence, dust guard, two featherboards, miter gauge, and insert rings. This is pretty much all you’ll need to get started with woodworking, and doesn’t require you to already have a workshop setup.

With the miter gauge being adjustable for up to 60 degrees in either direction, above-table cutting height being easily changeable, and three insert rings with varying opening diameters, this table/router combo features most of the options you would ever need.

Customer reviews have varied on this product, mainly because of the quality of the actual table. As this is a combo product that includes the router while still being a lower price than many tables on their own, it is never going to provide a table of the quality that professional users will require. It certainly isn’t built to the same standards as other tables or have as many features, but as an introduction to routing, this is definitely a contender as being the best router table for the money.

  • Aluminum fence and MDF face plates support tall work pieces
  • ​Can be used for jointing
  • ​Aluminum router mounting plate fits most routers
  • ​2 dust collection ports to keep a tidy work surface
  • Dual outlets

This router table is compatible with all of the popular router models. It is built with a smooth laminated top so you can work with precision on the 25x15.5 inch work surface. The aluminum fence on this table is taller than the ones on other tables to allow you to work with taller stock, and you also get fully adjustable MDF face plates to support your piece and ensure smooth operation.

The featherboards are also easily adjustable to enable you to work with a wide variety of sized projects, and the in-built accessory slot makes it possible to add additional featherboards to the table, or other accessories such as a miter gauge.

Also included are a starter pin and guard, and an adjustable clear guard. These are useful so you can see straight through to the point of contact and control the wood to achieve the precise effect you are looking for.

I like the way that Bosch have thought about how to reduce the mess and noise that can often be caused by router tables by designing a sturdy cabinet that keeps things quiet, and providing two dust ports to make sure any debris is removed as soon as it has been created. Keeping the workspace clear also increases your efficiency when working on your pieces because it doesn’t get so cluttered.

Customer reviews of this product on Amazon highlight the effectiveness of the dust ports, and the solid, sturdy construction of the table. It seems to be slightly tricky to put together, but once you have it performs exactly how you would expect.

For a price like this, you can’t go wrong with this cabinet style table. It is fully adjustable to fit a wide variety of routers and wood types. If you’re looking for a sturdy, reliable product then this is definitely worth your consideration.

  • Compatible with many other routers
  • ​27x18 inch work surface
  • ​Tall aluminum fencing
  • ​Dual outlet switch
  • Rigid mounting plate

This router table has been built to make your woodworking tasks as simple and easy as possible. The rigid aluminum mounting plate is compatible with virtually all routers, and it offers a large work surface of 27x18 inches. The aluminum fence is relatively high, too, so that makes this table well suited to dealing with tall stock.

Adjustable featherboards with adjustable MDF face plates allow you to work with a variety of shapes and sizes while providing the support you need to smoothly control the stock as it passes across the table. A starter pin and guard are also included, as is a built in cord-wrap that makes it simple to store and transport.

A nice feature with this table is the 15 Amp dual outlet switch with overload protection, a 6-inch cord and a lockout key to prevent unauthorized use. A standard sized dust port is built into the fence that can be attached to a vacuum and keeps your work surface tidy and clean.

This is a great all round router table, and could be just what you need whether you are an at-home hobbyist or a woodwork professional. The sturdy design and fully adjustable features mean you will be able to perform a variety of tasks with it. Just in case there are any problems, it comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, a one year service protection plan, and a one year warranty.

It is a popular product on Amazon, and is selling well in its category. Reviews are very positive, especially as it comes at such a decent price, and say that the construction quality is clearly built to last.

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Router Table For The Money

Router tables are a necessity if you are a keen woodworker who needs a more stable surface to work on your pieces. There is a wide range on offer and it is worth considering exactly what you want to get from your purchase before you decide on which is the best one for you. If you already have a router it is important to ensure the table you buy will fit the particular model you have, and if you don’t have one you’ll need to decide whether you want to buy it separately or purchase a combination bundle.

What To Look For When Buying A Router Table:

What kind of stock will you be working with, and will it fit the table?

The Final Verdict

Amazon alone offers lots of different router tables, each of which have slightly different features and come in a wide range of prices. It comes down to exactly what you need your router table for. If it’s for professional use then you will need to buy a sturdier product, probably with fully adjustable gates and a mount plate to fit a wide range of routers. If you are getting it for home use, these factors may not matter so much to you, and the dust ports and compactness might be more important to focus on.

Our overall choice for the best router table is the Bosch RA1181 benchtop router table. It offers a great selection of features at a competitive price, is fully adjustable, works with tall stock, and fits most models of router. A special mention should go to the Craftsman router and router table combo, which is the best choice if you haven’t already got a router and are looking for everything in one package.

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