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If you are a keen woodworker and are looking for a machine to allow you to cut intricate shapes from thin wood, then the best scroll saw is likely to be exactly what you need. Scroll saws have very thin blades that make them ideal for carving small curves freehand and are the only type of tool suited to making the most delicate of cuts, for example like you would need to make for inlays.

This is a particularly specialized tool whose functions can be adequately performed by a bayonet or band saw, but if you need to make these types of cuts often, then it will be invaluable. There are quite a few different options when buying these tools, so we have put together these scroll saw reviews to help you decide which is the best rated scroll saw for your needs.

Best Scroll Saw Comparison

Shop Fox

Features: 3/5

Durability: 4/5

The Highlight:

Table tilt to 45°


Features: 4/5

Durability: 5/5

The Highlight:

Parallel-link arms


Features: 2/5

Durability: 3/5

The Highlight:

Compact design

Porter Cable

Features: 3/5

Durability: 3/5

The Highlight:

Bevel scale for angle readings


Features: 2/5

Durability: 2/5

The Highlight:

Can be handheld

Scroll saws are precise machines that are designed for very particular types of cuts on thin grades of material. If you are new to them it is important that you know what kind of jobs you want to be performing with one, because you might find that another type of saw will be just as good, and be able to do lots more as well.

If it is the right type of saw for you, then it can be difficult to work out which model is the best scroll saw for your needs because of the wide range and prices of machines out there. The heavier, sturdier machines are necessary if you want to perform the most intricate of cuts but the lighter, more portable, tools are powerful enough if precision isn’t as important.

Scroll Saw Reviews

  • 16-inch maximum cutting width
  • ​Work light, dust port and blower
  • ​60 Hz motor providing 550-1700 SPM
  • ​Table tilt mechanism
  • Uses pin-end or plain saw blades

This scroll saw from Shop Fox comes with all the features you need to accurately cut. It is made out of cast iron, which makes it feel very sturdy and reduces the amount of vibration.

The power of this machine comes from a 1/8 Horsepower, 110-volt, 60Hz motor that can drive the blades to no load speeds of between 550-1700 SPM. The ability to adjust the speed allows you to optimize the output as your project requires. It works with pin-end or plain saw blades, and includes adaptors that make changing blades an easy process.

To highlight the area you are working on, there is an inbuilt gooseneck work light that can be moved to focus on whatever area you want. It also includes an inbuilt dust port and dust blower, which are essential to clear up the dust that is inevitably created when using the saw.

The other great thing about this saw is that the table tilts up to 45 degrees to give you an even more precise level of control over your work. It will cut most woods of up to 2-inch thickness and with a maximum width of 16 inches.

The majority of customer reviews for this product are positive, with people noting how well the saw deals with tough woods while still giving a great amount of control and precision with the cut being made.

If you are in search for a reliable scroll saw without spending a fortune, then this is worth considering. It is built in a very sturdy way, and at 40 pounds, prevents vibrations from becoming an issue. It seems to be well constructed, but comes with a 2 year warranty just in case anything goes wrong.

  • Tool free blade clamps
  • ​Variable speed
  • ​Flexible dust blower
  • ​Unique arm design
  • Vibration and noise reducing

This scroll saw from Dewalt is by far the most expensive in this guide, but comes with meticulous construction and features to justify the price. The first thing to note is that you will need a stand to attach this to, it is available in packages with frames if you don’t already have one.

The unique thing about this saw is the way the double parallel-link arm has been designed. It pivots from the back of the saw to the front, which has the effect of shortening the distance the arm moves, and results in reduced sound and vibrations and has therefore a much better precision with your cuts. The arm is also designed to keep the blade perpendicular to the piece you’re working on, and this reduces your chances of making an over cut or an under cut.

The 1.3 amp motor provides power to turn the blade between 400 to 1750 SPM, with controls positioned nicely within reach. This means you can easily adjust the speed to the level required for whatever you are working on with the electronic variable speed control. This model also has a quick blade change feature, which makes the whole process a lot easier than you find with other machines.

It is sturdy and heavy, with a cast iron table that can be moved 45° to the left and 45° to the right to give you more range. Also included in the box are a set of blades, a hex wrench, and a three-year warranty.

From scroll saw reviews of this product it is clear that there are many happy customers who have found this one to be powerful, sturdy, and reliable. Yes, it comes at a much higher cost than any of the others, so it depends on your budget as to whether this will be an option for you.

  • Quick setup
  • ​Compact and portable
  • ​Tool free blade changes
  • ​Vacuum port
  • 5-piece starter blade set

Not everyone has a workshop to keep their expensive tools in, and if that sounds like a problem you face then perhaps this tool from Rockwell is the best scroll saw for you. Made from plastic, it is much smaller and lighter than most other models, and has an inbuilt handle that can be used to carry it. This also means it is easily storable in small spaces.

Of course this portability means that the machine is a lot smaller and less sturdy. Unless you mount this saw on something tough, the vibrations might seriously compromise the precision of any cut you try to make, so this must be taken into account. It is built with rubber feet and a stabilizer bracket so firmly placing it on something is simple enough to do.

The saw is designed to cut wood, metal, ceramic tile, aluminum, and plastic by using standard t-shank blades that are easily interchangeable. The package includes 5 blades that are each specialized for a particular one of those materials, and also comes with a miter gauge and a rip fence. There’s also a built in vacuum port so you can keep the area tidy, and a compartment for storing the spare blades.

Customer reviews have been mixed for this product, but mainly reflect the compromises that have been made for it to be a lower priced and portable tool. It doesn’t have the power to work on heavy-duty tasks, nor will it perform the cut as quickly and accurately as the more sturdy models.

If you are new to scroll saws and like the idea of a portable and storable model that comes at a low price, this one could be a good choice for you. If you’re looking for something with more power and precision, however, you probably should look at one of the more heavily constructed machines.

  • Aluminum tilting table
  • ​Toolless blade holder
  • ​Adjustable LED lamp
  • ​Variable speeds of between 500 and 1000 SFM
  • ​Die cast frame of aluminum

This is a sturdy, well-constructed scroll saw that reduces vibrations and provides the control you need to make precise cuts. You get everything you need in the package, with the scroll saw, a stand, a 5-inch pinned saw blade, and a hex key.

This model has a large 20”x 12-5/8” aluminum work table that tilts between 45° right and 15° left to give you a wide range of motion, with an inbuilt bevel scale on the table top so you can accurately measure the angles at a glance. With convenience in mind for the design, all of the controls for power, speed, the dust blower, and light are located in easy to reach positions on the front and top of the saw.

The machine can provide speeds between 500 and 1000 SFM which allows you optimize the saw for the material you are working on, whether it be plastic, aluminum, or hard and soft woods. The saw dust blower makes sure that the work area is kept clear, and the LED work light keeps the work surface highlighted.

It is easy to use, with a simple blade mechanism to allow quick changes and the steel stand keeps the machine firmly in place. With a number of positive reviews from customers on Amazon, this saw is a durable and well-constructed tool that will perform all the tasks that are asked of it. It’s definitely a great option for you if you are looking for an entry model, but not the right choice for you if you are a more advanced user who is looking for more advanced features and controls.

  • Dust port adapter
  • ​Quick change blade mechanism
  • ​Can be used as a handheld tool
  • ​Variable speed control
  • Fast clamp base

This scroll saw is a completely different type of design to the others in this guide, and focuses on portability and convenience. It can even be detached and used as a handheld tool so you can work on your project wherever it is, rather than bringing it to the tool.

The saw does not come with a stand, but has a clamp base so it can be attached to any surface. This risks vibrations, but shouldn’t be too much of an issue if you securely attach it to a sturdy bench.

Within the package are four wood and plastic blades, four fine wood blades, and a metal blade. These are a great addition and mean that you can use the saw to cut through a variety of different materials. Accessories and blades can be quickly changed by using the “auto tensioning quick change” feature.

The best thing about this saw is its portability. Not only can it be detached and used as a handheld device, but even with the base it is only 4.7 pounds. This makes it easily transportable and storable, and a great option if you don’t have space in a workshop to store a larger machine. This is not a tool that’s going to perform the most complex of tasks, but if you’re a beginner or have light uses you will find it to be more than capable.

There are mixed feelings about this saw from customer reviews, with some people mentioning high levels of vibration and that it is not always powerful enough to make precise cuts. The majority of reviewers have been happy, though, and find it to be perfectly good, especially as it takes up so little space and is so portable.

Best Scroll Saws: Conclusion

If you’re at a stage where you are looking to purchase one of the best scroll saws, then you will already have a good idea about the different types of woods, metals, and materials and the way different saws work with them. As with all tools, each scroll saw on offer comes with varying features and parts, and the scroll saw for you will completely depend on the uses you have in mind for it.

Our choice for the best scroll saw is the Dewalt DW788. It is the most expensive by far, but also the sturdiest, best constructed, and gives you the most control over the precision of your cuts. If you have the budget to spare, this tool is definitely worth your consideration.

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