Scroll Saw vs Band Saw: What’s the Difference?

Scroll Saw vs Band Saw

When it comes to purchasing a saw you might be confused when it comes to scroll saw vs band saw. Questions like what they are used for and which one will be better for you might come to mind. However, to choose one you need to know more about each of these saws and their specialties. Keep on reading as in this article we’ll explore the subject in more detail.

Scroll Saw: What Is It Used For?

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A scroll saw is somewhat like a tabletop unit- it’s smaller and provides more intricate designs. You can even use it to operate on the ground. It is more like a double ended jigsaw as the blade (during operation) does not move in a continuous loop, aiding in the designs. If you want to make a cut on the wood from the inside, then the scroll saw is the perfect tool for you.

Scroll saws operate on electric power, and you can easily adjust the blade speed by pressing on a pedal. The scroll saw does not have any predetermined speed levels. So, you can control the speed depending on how hard you press on the pedal. While this might be tough for a newbie in the trade of woodworking, professionals love this type of saws for the modifications that can be made.

Throat Size

One more thing you should know about a scroll saw is the size of the throat. The distance between the blade and the rear portion of the saw is termed as the throat. Depending on the purpose you can choose either a long throated saw, or a short-throated saw. In addition, you have the option of choosing the blade size depending on the type of work you are doing.


Moreover, one of the basic advantages of the scroll saw is that when you are using it on the tabletop, you can rotate it. This makes woodworking or even bringing up designs on the wood easier, compared to the band saw. Add to this the fact that you can use a scroll saw to cut a piece of wood from the middle and you have the perfect woodworking tool for your work.

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Band Saw: What You Need to Know

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When it comes to woodworking you should also have the basic idea about band saws. So, what exactly is a band saw? A band saw is a saw that works similar to a jigsaw offering you the right cut for your wood. The band saw also comes in different sizes, and you can put it on top of a table, or even use it as a standalone unit.

A band saw has a continuous set of teeth, which makes it easier for you to have a smooth cut and avoid wearing out a particular area of your blade. The blade is also stretched, allowing you to maneuver the wood easily, and get your desired curvature. However, the Kerf, and the width of the blade determines the diameter of the cut.

The Kerf of a band saw depends on the following factors:

  • ​Width of the blade
  • ​Width of the whole set
  • ​Material
  • The wobble caused by the cutting process

The Difference Between Band Saw and Scroll Saw

To choose between a band saw or scroll saw, you need to know the difference between both. In addition, you also need to know what purpose you would use it for. Here’s some factors you should consider when it comes to band- and scroll saws.

#1: Purpose

Scroll saws are great for making intricate designs on the wood. They are a bit delicate, and as they support oscillatory motion while working, you can use it for a variety of purposes. The finish offered by a scroll saw is smooth, professional, and is great for DIYs and craftsmanship on wood.

Compared to a scroll saw, a band saw is used to cut through thicker materials. It is generally used for industrial purposes, because it can cut through materials as thick as 6” efficiently, with great precision.

#2: Thickness

If you are used to cutting through thick materials the band saw would be the perfect choice for you. This is because scroll saws have delicate and thin blades, which is not suited to cut through thick materials. The blade thickness of a scroll saw is ¼”. Compared to this, the length is 8”.

On the other hand, the thickness of a band saw can range anywhere between 6” to 30”. Thus, it is better suited to cut through thick material or slabs of wood because of its stability.

#3: Cutting

Scroll saws are best suited for making circular cuts. They are very good in crafting on wood, and they can cut through edges and curves with excellent precision. You can even use it for intricate designs and move the material around a fixed saw.

Unlike the scroll saw, the band saw is best suited for making straight cuts. They are mainly used for commercial purposes. While you can try and make designs with band saws they won’t be as perfect and intricate as those made by a scroll saw.

#4: Versatility

If you are looking for delicate power tools, scroll saws are the ones that provide most versatility. Be it for any type of personal use the scroll saws are best suited for the delicate work you do.

On the other hand, the band saw has more of an ‘industrial’ outlook. Thus, this would be great for any industrial purpose or just plain old cutting.

#5: Budget

Budget forms an integral part in choosing any type of saws. When it comes to scroll saws they are cheaper than band saws. This can be attributed to the fact that they are being used by DIY enthusiasts, and they are somewhat careful about spending money for hobbies.

Contrary to that band saws cost a wee bit more because of the commercial nature, purpose, and look. It caters to the professional woodworkers of the industry, and people who need it wouldn’t mind spending a wee bit more if required.

The Final Cut

So, now that you know the difference between scroll saw vs band saw and what it is used for, it’s time to plan out what you are doing and get started. Which one would you choose for your delicate woodworking? Well, the choice is yours!

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