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Planer and Sander power tools

Planing vs. Sanding – What Is the Difference?

Planing and Sanding are the two common methods of removing excess wood from a job, reducing the thickness of a work piece and finishing the surface smoothly. In this article, we are providing an overview of both techniques, their pros and cons as well as the tools needed. Planing What Is Wood Planing? The term continue reading

Screenshot Stain Calculator: It calculates how much interior, exterior, water-based or oil-based stain is needed for a project

Stain Calculator: How Much Stain Do You Need?

Calculate How Much Stain You Will Need for Your Project! Stain is a color or colorless finish for woodwork, furniture, cabinets, moldings, hardwood floors and other wooden objects inside and outside the house. It can also be applied to metal and fiberglass surfaces (some stains, at least). While 1 coat of stain is usually sufficient, continue reading

How Long Does It Take Stain to Dry?

Stain is a popular finish for all types of woodworking, furniture, floors, doors, windows and other exterior and interior wood. If you consider using a stain, you are probably aware that there are different types of stains – e.g. oil- and water-based stains, stain gels, exterior and interior stains. These products come with different characteristics continue reading

Using a Jig Saw

Router vs Jigsaw – What Are the Differences?

Routers and Jigsaws are two very useful woodworking power tools, but which one is better for different situations? Is one tool better and more useful than the other? Which one should you buy to expand your range of DIY power tools? Here are some advantages and disadvantages of both. Don’t miss our articles on jigsaws continue reading

Router table with a rotating bit driven into material

What Is a Router Table? What Is It Used For?

If you are a (semi)professional woodworker or an advanced DIYer, you might have considered using a router table in your workshop. When you are already using a hand-held router, you will likely appreciate the better precision and improved convenience that sets router tables apart from hand-held tools. Read on to learn more about the characteristics continue reading

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