Concrete – Overview of Our Expert Articles

How to Make Concrete Yourself: 7 Comprehensive Steps & Photos

There are many possible uses of concrete around the house: making slabs, flooring patios, building driveways or pathways or creating a new countertop for the kitchen or the garage. If you are pursuing such a project yourself, you will want to read this article and learn how to make concrete and which equipment you need. continue reading

a man grinding concrete on a construction site

How to Grind Concrete

Whether you like to have an exposed concrete floor or whether you have recently bought a precast concrete product like a concrete countertop: you might not appreciate the roughness of the concrete surface. However, it does not need to be like that: You can make the surface of concrete much more appealing yourself with grinding and continue reading

How to sand concrete

How to Sand Concrete with a Sander/Grinder or by Hand

There are many ways to finish a concrete countertop, a concrete floor, or other objects. All these methods can make the concrete finish look classy and professional. Whether you’ve bought a precast concrete countertop or you’re adventurous enough to try and pour your own, you’re probably seeing tiny imperfections and wondering how to sand concrete. continue reading

Rendering a wall

What Is the Difference between Plastering and Rendering?

If you’re a homeowner looking to get your walls renovated, you might ask yourself what exactly the difference is between plastering and rendering. Both are wall finishing techniques that can enhance the appearance of a wall while protecting it from moisture, sun and tear. The main difference is that the term plastering is used for continue reading

Worker with Hammer Drill

What Is a Hammer Drill and What Is It Used For

Have you ever drilled a hole into concrete or stone, e.g. to hang a picture or a cabinet? If so, you have likely come across a so-called hammer drill. A hammer drill is a power tool that is used for drilling holes in hard materials such as brick, concrete or other cement-based objects. Hammer drills continue reading

Drywall vs Plaster

Drywall vs Plaster Wall – What Are the Differences?

When you are thinking about the wall construction of your home, two options will probably come to your mind: drywall and plaster wall. In most new homes, drywall is used while plaster walls are common in older buildings. You might be wondering what exactly the difference is: Drywall is a material made from gypsum pressed continue reading

Sanding a concrete wall

Expert Reviews: 4 Best Stone & Concrete Grinders / Sanders

If you plan to polish or sand the surface of a granite countertop, a cement-composite floor or a concrete wall, you likely do not want to do it manually by using sand paper. Concrete and stone sanders will be the right tools for this kind of job. They are also called concrete grinders or concrete continue reading

Pouring Concrete at a construction site

Cement vs. Concrete – What Is the Difference?

Concrete and cement are among the most common construction materials for buildings and public infrastructure, but also for DIY projects like patios, pavements or countertops. Most people do not distinguish between cement and concrete in their everyday language. You might have wondered though whether there is a difference between both terms. The answer is: ​there continue reading