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How to Make Concrete Yourself: 7 Comprehensive Steps & Photos

There are many possible uses of concrete around the house: making slabs, flooring patios, building driveways or pathways or creating a new countertop for the kitchen or the garage. If you are pursuing such a project yourself, you will want to read this article and learn how to make concrete and which equipment you need. continue reading

A carpenter is Sanding a wooden workpiece.

Orbital Sander vs Random Orbit Sander: What Are the Differences?

A carpenter is sanding a wooden workpiece. At first glance, the principle of operation of sanding machines is the same. They smoothen the surface of a material with an abrasive tool. However, you need to clearly understand the purpose of each type of these power tools if you want to make an informed choice. In each specific continue reading

Wooden Floor Refinish

How to Refinish Hardwood Floors & Make Them Look New Again

Are you looking for do-it-yourself ways to revitalize the former beauty of your worn-out hardwood floors? Are you wondering how pros restore wooden floors and make them shiny and immaculate? A wooden floor that is blunt, splintering or falling apart is neither appealing nor inviting. Do not worry, though: these 4 clear and practical steps continue reading

Installing floating floors

How to Install a Floating Floor (Laminate, Vinyl, Engineered Hardwood)

Floating floors made of laminate, vinyl or engineered hardwood have become popular over the past 2-3 decades. This is because they are a convenient and easy-to-install but yet appealing alternative to fixed floors. Installing such floating floors can be handled by most DIYers. This article provides you with step-by-step instructions on how to install a continue reading

Planer and Sander power tools

Planing vs. Sanding – What Is the Difference?

Planing and Sanding are the two common methods of removing excess wood from a job, reducing the thickness of a work piece and finishing the surface smoothly. In this article, we are providing an overview of both techniques, their pros and cons as well as the tools needed. Planing What Is Wood Planing? The term continue reading

Wooden tiles on a balcony

Floating Wooden Deck Tiles – Selection, Preparation and Installation in 6 Steps

Wooden tiles on a balcony. Whether for balconies, decks, patios or terraces: wooden deck tiles are becoming increasingly popular for outdoor decoration thanks to their appealing look and their easy installation. Quick Navigation What Are Wooden Tiles for Outdoor Flooring?Floating Tiles and How to Install Them on Different BasesConsiderations Before You Start Laying Your TilesHow to continue reading

best belt sander

Best Belt Sander Reviews: The Answer To A Smoother Result!

If you are looking to smooth down large surfaces, especially ones that are really rough, and are looking to purchase a tool specifically tailored to carrying out the job, then the best belt sander is likely to be exactly what you are looking for. Sanding can be an unforgiving job, and investing in a decent continue reading

Polyurethane Calculator

Polyurethane Calculator: How Much Polyurethane Do You Need?

Calculate How Much Polyurethane You Will Need for Your Project! If you plan to (re)finish your hardwood floor, furniture, table or any other wooden surface with Polyurethane, you are probably wondering: How many cans, gallons or liters of Polyurethane do you need to get the job done? In case you have ever applied a water-based continue reading

Floating Floor Slats

What Is A Floating Floor, Its Advantages & Disadvantages?

If you plan to remodel floors in your house you can choose from different options. Installing an entirely new flooring, refinishing your existing hardwood floor or the third way: installing a floating floor, a floor that “floats” over the existing one. If you consider this quick and easy DIY solution you might wonder what exactly continue reading

Pouring Concrete at a construction site

Cement vs. Concrete – What Is the Difference?

Concrete and cement are among the most common construction materials for buildings and public infrastructure, but also for DIY projects like patios, pavements or countertops. Most people do not distinguish between cement and concrete in their everyday language. You might have wondered though whether there is a difference between both terms. The answer is: ​there continue reading

A handyman holding a detail or mouse sander

How to Sand Corners (by Hand or with a Sander)

Sanding corners by hand can be tedious and hard work for most woodworking amateurs and professionals alike. Learning how to sand corners, wood, and hardwood floors is important if you want to complete one of the final steps in the overall woodworking process. In this guide, we are sharing some useful and practical tips with continue reading