Wood – Overview of Our Expert Articles

Strongest Type of Wood

Strongest Type of Wood

Wood is a great material for construction. It’s strong, easy to cut, readily available which means it is cost-effective, and it is also suitable for a variety of uses. These include but are not limited to woodworking, floors and decks, There are lots of different types, though, each with their own hardness, colour, and grain. continue reading

white cedar vs red cedar

White Cedar vs Red Cedar

If you are looking for a reliable type of wood for outdoor construction, for example – fences, then Cedar is a great choice. However, there’s a debate between White Cedar vs Red Cedar, since each variety provides slightly different benefits from the other. In this article, we will be looking at why Cedar is a continue reading

Black Locust tree and Honey Locust thorns

Black Locust vs. Honey Locust – What Are the Differences?

Black Locust (also known as “False Acacia”) and Honey Locust are tall, thorny trees, both members of a pea family. They are somehow similar but with a few differences. In woodworking, both Black Locust and Honey Locust are used where hard and strong wood is needed. Black Locust is the more durable type and common continue reading

How to Season Wood Quickly

How to Season Wood Quickly

Wood is a great material to work with, whether for construction or for burning, but with both uses, it’s important to fully dry the material first before using it. This process is known as wood seasoning. It can take quite a long time to remove all of the moisture, but if you’re wondering how to continue reading

How Long Does It Take Wood to Dry

How Long Does It Take Wood to Dry?

Dried wood is useful for various purposes – in this article, we will cover the two most common ones: timber as firewood (jump to the section) and for woodworking.  The same question – how long does it take wood to dry? – will have different answers for either use. Why Do You Need to Dry continue reading

hard maple vs soft maple

Hard Maple vs Soft Maple

Maple is one of the most common species of tree that is found in the hardwood forests of North America, so it’s no surprise that it’s a firm favourite for construction projects. The choice between hard maple vs soft maple, though, can make a big difference in the end product so it’s important to know continue reading

Sawing particle board with a miter saw

Can You Saw Particle Board (LDF)?

If you are busy with a home DIY project, work in construction or are just curious about materials you have probably wondered if you can saw particle board? Working with a new material does not have to be difficult and particle board is not so different from most other wood-based materials. So, the short answer continue reading

Oak tree

Red Oak vs White Oak – What Are the Differences?

Wood is a versatile construction material that is ideal to produce a variety of things – from furniture to floorboards and buildings to artistic objects. There are lots of different types of wood to choose from, with Oak being one of the most popular choices. There are different types of oak though, and deciding between Red Oak continue reading

Fiberboard vs Particle Board

Fiberboard vs Particle Board (MDF / LDF) – What Is the Difference?

Particle boards and MDF, or medium-density fiberboards, are regularly used in furniture production and household construction because of their advantages when it comes to uniformity, density, and price. In practice, both terms are often used interchangeably which however does not take the differences between these materials into account. If you wonder what exactly the differences continue reading