Drill & Nail – Overview of Our Expert Articles

How to use a drill

How to Use a Drill and Drill Bits in 5 Easy Steps

Few types of tools have proven to be as versatile over the better part of this past century as drills. These are pretty self-explanatory – namely, drills that use electrical power to accomplish their drilling. They can be used for everything from drilling a few small holes in wood as you do some crafting with continue reading

How to Drill Pocket Holes

You do not have to be a professional to know how to drill pocket holes and build a nice cabinet on your first try. You can easily make tight, strong, and sturdy wood joints without clamps and dowels. You just need to drill pocket holes and screw pieces together. Before anything else, you must first continue reading

best drill press

Best Drill Press Reviews

As a DIYer, I sometimes find myself needing to do my own metalworks, but these types of projects cannot be done without the help of the best drill press. In fact, no home workshop is complete without an awesome drill press and these drill press reviews will be all you need to find your home continue reading

best corded drill

Best Corded Drill Reviews

No matter whether you are a professional handyman, a hobbyist, or simply have a few odd jobs around the home- the best corded drill is an invaluable tool that can assist with all of your needs. They allow you to drill holes, fasten pieces, and help with various other processes within your projects and are continue reading

Worker with Hammer Drill

What Is a Hammer Drill and What Is It Used For

Have you ever drilled a hole into concrete or stone, e.g. to hang a picture or a cabinet? If so, you have likely come across a so-called hammer drill. A hammer drill is a power tool that is used for drilling holes in hard materials such as brick, concrete or other cement-based objects. Hammer drills continue reading

A sharp drill bit on table

How to Sharpen a Drill Bit

Drill bits are useful cutting tools. They come in a huge range of sizes, shapes, and purpose. It is so convenient to own several different kinds of drill bits for simple home repairs and do it yourself projects. But in order for them to be effective, they must be sharp. Dull bits are dangerous to continue reading

best screwdriver set

Best Screwdriver Set Reviews: The Right Tool For Any Project!

A screwdriver set is an essential of any toolbox, enabling you to easily turn the screws that are required for your project (whether driving them in or removing them). With different screw types being appropriate depending on the work you are doing, it’s unlikely that just one screwdriver will do the job.Having a broad spectrum continue reading

Finish Nailer vs Brad Nailer

Finish Nailer vs Brad Nailer – What Are the Differences?

Hammering nails into wood is one of the most repetitive tasks in DIY home improvement and construction projects. Therefore, it is no surprise that there are nailers, i.e. electric or pneumatic tools that make nailing more efficient and convenient. Finish nailers and Brad nailers are two great tools that will enhance any workshop. They are continue reading