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best belt sander

Best Belt Sander Reviews: The Answer To A Smoother Result!

If you are looking to smooth down large surfaces, especially ones that are really rough, and are looking to purchase a tool specifically tailored to carrying out the job, then the best belt sander is likely to be exactly what you are looking for. Sanding can be an unforgiving job, and investing in a decent continue reading

Sanding a concrete wall

Expert Reviews: 4 Best Stone & Concrete Grinders / Sanders

If you plan to polish or sand the surface of a granite countertop, a cement-composite floor or a concrete wall, you likely do not want to do it manually by using sand paper. Concrete and stone sanders will be the right tools for this kind of job. They are also called concrete grinders or concrete continue reading

Grinder vs. Sander

Grinder vs. Sander – What Is the Difference

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between grinding and sanding? Are you struggling whether you will need a grinder or a sander for your project? In fact, these questions are frequently discussed among handymen and DIYers. In this post, we will finally shed a light on the differences and similarities of grinding and continue reading

a man grinding concrete on a construction site

How to Grind Concrete

Whether you like to have an exposed concrete floor or whether you have recently bought a precast concrete product like a concrete countertop: you might not appreciate the roughness of the concrete surface. However, it does not need to be like that: You can make the surface of concrete much more appealing yourself with grinding and continue reading

Orbital Sander vs Palm Sander

Orbital Sander vs Palm Sander

Wood sanders are an invaluable tool used by woodworkers to alter the final finish and appearance of a woodwork project or by home owners to refinish wooden floors. There are, though, plenty of different ones to choose from and it can be tricky to know the benefits of using an orbital sander vs palm sander. continue reading

How to sand concrete

How to Sand Concrete

There are many ways to finish a concrete countertop, a concrete floor, or other objects. All these methods can make the concrete finish look classy and professional. Whether you’ve bought a precast concrete countertop or you’re adventurous enough to try and pour your own, you’re probably seeing tiny imperfections and wondering how to sand concrete. continue reading

how to use a grinder

How to Use a Grinder

For those who do a lot of wood, metal or construction work, an angle grinder is an essential tool. You’ll see them in most workshops or building sites where they are used to polish metal or remove excess pieces of material. If you’re new to these types of power tools, you might be wondering how continue reading

best random orbital sander

Best Random Orbital Sander Reviews

Sanding can be a particularly tedious chore, so luckily there are a series of tools available to help you with the task. While belt sanders and orbital sanders are useful for either large rough projects or smaller delicate projects, if you only want to purchase one tool then the best random orbital sander could be continue reading