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Orbital Sander vs Random Orbital Sander: Sanding Corners vs. Getting the Smoothest Result

A carpenter is Sanding a wooden workpiece.

A carpenter is Sanding a wooden workpiece.* At first glance, the principle of operation of sanding machines is the same. They smoothen the surface of a material with an abrasive tool. However, you need to clearly understand the purpose of each type of these power tools if you want to make an informed choice. In each specific […]

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Cement vs. Concrete – What Is the Difference?

Pouring Concrete at a construction site

Concrete and cement are among the most common construction materials for buildings and public infrastructure, but also for DIY projects like patios, pavements or countertops. Most people do not distinguish between cement and concrete in their everyday language. You might have wondered though whether there is a difference between both terms.The answer is: ​there are […]

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How to Sharpen a Drill Bit

A sharp drill bit on table

Drill bits are useful cutting tools. They come in a huge range of sizes, shapes, and purpose. It is so convenient to own several different kinds of drill bits for simple home repairs and do it yourself projects. But in order for them to be effective, they must be sharp. Dull bits are dangerous to […]

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How to Sand Concrete

How to sand concrete

There are many ways to finish a concrete countertop, a concrete floor, or other objects. All these methods can make the concrete finish look classy and professional. Whether you’ve bought a precast concrete countertop or you’re adventurous enough to try and pour your own, you’re probably seeing tiny imperfections and wondering how to sand concrete. […]

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