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Shellac vs. Polyurethane vs. Varnish – The Wood Finishing FAQs

Wood Finish

When you are into woodworking, finding the right finishing product for your furniture-making might be confusing. With so many brands and products on the market, one does not have enough time to try out each and every type of finish. Products like shellac, polyurethane and varnish are quite common. Although they have some similarities, they […]

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Floating Wooden Deck Tiles – Selection, Preparation and Installation in 6 Steps

Wooden tiles on a balcony

Wooden tiles on a balcony. Whether for balconies, decks, patios or terraces: wooden deck tiles are becoming increasingly popular for outdoor decoration thanks to their appealing look and their easy installation.What Are Wooden Tiles for Outdoor Flooring?Most wooden tiles have a square form. They usually come with a click or snap system that helps connect the […]

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Orbital Sander vs Random Orbital Sander: Sanding Corners vs. Getting the Smoothest Result

A carpenter is Sanding a wooden workpiece.

A carpenter is Sanding a wooden workpiece.* At first glance, the principle of operation of sanding machines is the same. They smoothen the surface of a material with an abrasive tool. However, you need to clearly understand the purpose of each type of these power tools if you want to make an informed choice. In each specific […]

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Cement vs. Concrete – What Is the Difference?

Pouring Concrete at a construction site

Concrete and cement are among the most common construction materials for buildings and public infrastructure, but also for DIY projects like patios, pavements or countertops. Most people do not distinguish between cement and concrete in their everyday language. You might have wondered though whether there is a difference between both terms.The answer is: ​there are […]

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